It all began with two people with a passion for traveling in small island by the name of Sri Lanka and their desire to share the magic of their small paradise with their friends the world!. We differentiates itself with a personal touch that no one else will deliver.

We are:

  • The best Sri Lankan eco-tourism and adventure tour operator

  • We differentiates itself with a personal touch that no other tour company has given to any of their clients!

  • We are here to offer a truly authentic travel journey, the opportunity to explore and to encounter nature and culture on a deeply personal level

  • Respect, Friendship, Optimism, Professionalism, Team Work, Modesty, Environmental and Social Commitment

  • You'll find a trip that is just right for you!


To promote, to make Sri Lanka world's number 1 Eco friendly tourist destination and to protect the environment, preserve cultural heritage, and generate economic benefits from tourism industry in Sri Lanka.


Provide exiting personalized travel, leisure that offer an authentic lifetime experience respecting the environment, local insights, communities and cultural heritage.

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